Get your facts straight

Title Get your facts straight Objectives Resilience to disinformation and online media Description Training programme for a 15h training course for 14-16 year old students and their parents and grand parents Link to the source Terms of use Free  Connectivity Online only: requires internet connection Device requirements Desktop computer and Tablets Mode of learning […]

Digital Literacy Curriculum for Wellness & Safety

Title Media literacy key concepts Lesson 3: Audiences negotiate meaning Objectives 1. Become a smart consumer of products and information. 2. Recognize point of view, 3. Create media responsibly, 4. Identify the role of media in our culture., 5. Understand the author’s goal Description For students to be informed and engaged in a digital society […]

10 creative ways to teach media literacy

Title 10 creative ways to teach media literacy Objectives Teaching strategies To develop people’s avareness about fake news by using different tools Description Media education is now required in many curricula across the world. Schools are working hard to help teachers prepare students for changes in the industry and have continued access to the right […]

Evaluating “Fake News”

Title Evaluating “Fake News” Objectives To help students differentiate fake news by comparing fake and real articles. Description By putting the students in the place of fake news producers or conspiracy theorists, they learn which tools and methods are used and become better at detecting this type of content in their daily internet use. Fake […]

Make your own fake news

Title Make your own fake news Objectives The goal of this exercise is to show students how manipulating information and creating fake news is easy and can be done by anyone, and therefore to urge them to exercise more caution with the news they get from social media. Description By putting the tsudents in the […]