Title Other Side of the Story
Objectives Other Side of the Story is a BBC Bitesize media literacy campaign aiming to help students learn more about fake news, bias, misinformation and disinformation.
Description Appealing to multiple areas of the curriculum it will help students understand how social media algorithms and echo chambers can change their view of people and events. It also helps build up their critical thinking skills to spot the difference between reliable news sources and a lot of what they see on social media. The resources below are designed to help teachers use Other Side of the Story in the classroom.
Each of the topic summaries is accompanied by a downloadable teacher guide (PDF) and links to the relevant video resources on Bitesize that can be shared with students.
Link to the source https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/other-side-of-the-story-media-literacy-teacher-guides/zpd9wsg
Terms of use Free with ads
Connectivity Online and offline
Device requirements Smartphone / Tablet
Mode of learning
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Teacher or trainer-directed learning