Title MIL Cities: An Intiative on Creative Learning of Media and Information Literacy in Cities by UNESCO
Description The “MIL Cities” initiative places its focus on citizens. The main objective of the “MIL Cities” initiative is to set cities on a path to innovatively empower more citizens with MIL competencies while connecting with other cities across the world. Media and information literate citizens are able to understand the role and functions of media and other information providers, and possess basic knowledge and skills to critically and efficiently analyze and use media and information for self-expression, to become independent learners and critical thinkers, and to fully participate in and benefit from today’s growing knowledge and information society. “MIL Cities” can thus contribute to increasing access to information, stimulating civic engagement, enabling intercultural and interreligious dialogue, countering disinformation and hate, and creating economic, social and cultural opportunities.
Link to the source https://webarchive.unesco.org/web/20220315121216/https://en.unesco.org/milcities