Title Media literacy key concepts Lesson 5: Media have social and political implications
Objectives MediaSmarts has partnered with Concerned Children’s Advertisers to develop a suite of videos on each of the media literacy key concepts.
Description In this lesson, students watch a video introducing the media literacy key concept that media have social and political implications. They discuss the idea of explicit messages in media products and then, after watching the video “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” discuss the idea that media products may have less obvious implicit messages. Students apply this analysis to another media product familiar to the class and then, in an optional final task, identify how a favourite media product has influenced them.
Link to the source https://mediasmarts.ca/sites/default/files/pdfs/lesson-plan/Lesson_Media_Minute_5_social_implications.pdf
Terms of use Free 
Connectivity Online and offline
Device requirements Smartphone / Tablet
Mode of learning
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Self-directed / unpacked learning