Title Keep It Real! – Methods on Media Literacy, Fake News & Critical Thinking
Objectives The aim of the tool is to provide a variety of NFE tools for youth workers to foster media literacy and create responsibility towards information amongst European young people through youth work.
Description The tool is a compendium containing 5 different non-formal education methods to help foster and understand Media Literacy, Fake News, and Critical Thinking. The tool was developed by youth workers who partook in the Erasmus+ funded project “Keep It Real”.
The methods included in the compendium address learning objectives related to critical thinking skills, understanding of fake news, communication and team working skills, debating skills, and fact-checking tools.
Link to the source https://www.salto-youth.net/downloads/toolbox_tool_download-file-2673/Keep%20It%20Real%20Method%20Development.pdf
Terms of use FreeĀ 
Connectivity Online and offline
Device requirements Desktop computer and Tablets
Mode of learning
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Teacher or trainer-directed learning