Title Digital Citizenship Education – Council of Europe
Description To communicate, learn, work and play responsibly in this environment, they need to develop a whole range of competences that will enable them to harness the benefits and opportunities and overcome the pitfalls they will encounter. This is the goal of the Council of Europe’s Digital Citizenship Education (DCE) programme: to provide young citizens with innovative opportunities to develop the values, attitudes, skills, and knowledge necessary for every citizen to participate fully and assume their responsibilities in society

Digital citizenship education handbook strives to build on the digital citizenship education framework concept, glossary of terms and policy guidelines that have been developed by the Digital Citizenship Education Expert Group since 2016 and draws on the resources and good practices highlighted in its activities. The handbook is intended to be a practical publication that will deepen understanding of the importance of digital citizenship for our future society, and spark ideas for classroom practice.

Link to the source https://rm.coe.int/16809382f9.